The Film

“It’s a Cunnamulla thing…..”

Cunnamulla Dreaming shares its name with the stage show performed in Cunnamulla in 2013.

Production Company Pixel Frame was originally commissioned to create a visual archive which documented the process of the students, community and creative team involved in the show.

It became apparent that the story unfolding in front of them was worthy of a much wider audience and so Cunnamulla Dreaming the documentary was born.

Australia’s National Indigenous Television Network (NITV), first aired it on the 16th of April 2016 at 7.30pm.

The film follows the young people and key members of the creative team as they prepare for their opening night and documents the profound effect the show had on both the young people involved and the community at large.

The film is a story of triumph as the young people of Cunnamulla set out to conquer their own fears and break through the barrier of “shame” to shine in front of their whole community.

It provides a unique insight into this amazing project as it goes behind scenes to uncover the emotional impact that the process had on all involved.

The film is a testament to the dedication of the young people involved who showed the world what they are capable of. It is also a strong reminder that no matter how remote a community may be, students deserve the same opportunities to reach their artistic potential.

It is an inspiration for other small aboriginal communities across and Australia and the world to tell their own unique stories and for the young people in these communities to know that just like these Cunnamulla kids you can truly do you whatever you put your mind to and chase your dreams.