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The purpose of the education resource is to give teachers an effective tool to create issues based theatre. The notes contain lesson plans and units in devising, writing and producing an original issues based theatrical work.

The resource includes activities, suggested assessments, and segments of script from the stage show Cunnamulla Dreaming that will assist teachers or community members in creating an original play based on their own unique communities. The notes are interactive, in that they are to be used with online links to workshops carried out during the Cunnamulla Dreaming rehearsal process which will guide users from an idea to performance.

Cunnammulla Dreaming Education Resource

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The resource includes:

  • The documentary Cunnamulla Dreaming
  • A recording of the stage show Cunnamulla Dreaming
  • Four workshop videos which are to be used with the teachers notes covering brainstorming, improvisation, taking a scene to performance and linking the narrative
  • Four excerpts of the stage show correlating to the teacher’s notes
  • A twenty-page document entitled Creating Issues based Theatre with young People that includes lesson plans and links to the curriculum
  • An excerpt from the Cunnamulla Dreaming script with a guide to writing a similar scene relevant to your community
  • A drama assignment aimed at articulating your students’ dreams for the future
  • A document which gives ideas on how to include students who are difficult to engage in the theatrical process

The resource will aid teachers in delivering the following outcomes for the students:

  • To have a strong understanding of striving for excellence
  • ƒƒTo deconstruct the concept of shame
  • ƒƒTo develop self-esteem through achievement in performance
  • ƒƒUnderstand the discipline required to be a performing artist
  • Improve their ability to focus on the task they have been given
  • To develop their commitment
  • ƒƒDevelop their sense of creativity and imagination
  • To develop confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • To allow them to find value in their own voice
  • To understand how the creative process works
  • ƒƒTo have an ability to take risks creatively
  • ƒƒTo understand the importance of working together and supporting each other
  • To develop skills as a performing artist
  • Most importantly to empower the students with a sense of the belief that their voices matter.

“Congratulations on the creation and development of this fabulous teaching resource. This project serves as a wonderful demonstration of the power of theatre and drama to bring communities together and to give young people a voice. This resource is a wonderful map of the process with activities and hands on teaching strategies which can be picked up by any teacher and applied to any community to explore any issue. For teachers in rural areas, regional centres, metropolitan areas and isolated communities, this is a fabulous tool to guide students from all ages through the process of play building and self-devised work. For those teachers looking for a resource to support a cross curricula teaching and learning opportunity that addresses a number of learning outcomes in both National and State curriculum’s – this is it.”

Catherine Gilholme from the Arts Unit at the NSW Department of Education

We believe in sustainability and the ongoing success of the performing arts program to empower the young people of Cunnamulla. A percentage of any profit made from the education resource will be directed to Cunnamulla P-12 State School in order that we can continue to fund this invaluable program. Please ensure that you do the right thing in regards to the licence agreement above to keep Cunnamulla Dreaming alive.